Sweet Bavarian Treats

Seethaler, Susanne :   Bayrisch süß .  
Sweet Bavarian Treats .   Mit Weihnachtsbackteil. Includes Christmas Pastry. Deutsch-Englisch .   Übersetzung: Byron, Susan .   1. Auflage .   2014 .   Sprache: Englisch, Deutsch.  152 S.   m. zahlr. farb. Abb. .   252 mm .
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Traditional sweet delicacies

Juicy Plum Sheet Cake, crisp Bavarian Doughnuts, warm Curd Cheese Soufflé and creamy Danube River Waves are just a few of the sweet Bavarian specialties in this book as well as classics like Apple Strudel and Emperor’s Cutups. Whether for a rich main dish, refined dessert or simply as a tasty treat between meals – there are fine Bavarian sweets for any occasion, as well as for the Christmas season: Fragrant Baked Apples, Gingerbread and Little Rascals will seduce you to snack, bake and enjoy! Full of baking secrets and delightful stories from Bavarian kitchens.