Classics of Viennese Cuisine

Plachutta, Ewald ; Plachutta, Mario :   Plachutta, englische Ausgabe .  
Classics of Viennese Cuisine .   2016 .   Sprache: Englisch.  128 p.   w. 50 col. figs. .   200 mm .
KT        14.90 EUR

One name stands for quintessential Viennese cuisine like no other: Plachutta. With more than one million sold books, with recipes simple to follow even for beginners, he brings the Viennese cuisine to people around the globe for years now. This book presents the most popular classics of Viennese cuisine, from apple strudel and goulash to Tafelspitz and Vanillekipferl. An exclusive special edition for all fans of this city and its food.